Ecommerce Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2017


With advent of new technology, e-commerce marketing is becoming increasingly innovative and competitive. Marketing teams are generating revenues by relying upon organic and paid search behaviors. So, it’s essential for you to understand the various marketing trends in 2017 to develop a much more extensive and thorough marketing strategy for your own particular ecommerce marketing venture.

To give you more perspective, it’s important to know the size of the targeted market. 3.5 billion people use internet worldwide out of which 40% have bought something online. This implies that there are 1.4 billion customers worldwide. Different ecommerce platforms are trying to get a share of this major chunk through various marketing strategies. In 2016, Market Automation, Content Marketing and Big Data were few strategies that help companies attract major audience and initiate sales for their products.

In 2017, a few marketing trends are helping pave way for a successful online store and generate maximum profits for the companies.

Triggered Emails

It’s imperative to hold onto your customers by including emails such as cart abandonment emails, dormant customer emails and incomplete transaction emails etc. These emails on average have 70.5% higher open rates with 152% increase on click through rates as well.

Content Marketing

This trend still goes strong in 2017 as companies are regularly generating quality content and providing clear communication with their customers. Originality, clarity and conciseness are some traits excellent content is based upon. It has seemed to generate 3 times more return on investment while costing 62% less than conventional marketing. 

Understand Customer Behavior

Bounce rates are a crucial problem with ecommerce websites as potential customers leave the website without completing the transaction. Therefore, it’s important to use tools such as Google Analytics to understand customer journey and improve on your marketing strategy. You should focus on providing quality experience to your customers rather than solely focusing on products. You need a great ecommerce platform to offer excellent customer service. We recommend Shopify because it is an easy to use platform that provides you with many tools and options to make your site better. 

Mobile Advertising

It’s essential to create a mobile responsive website due to ease of access and portability. You may be losing 70% of the customers if you overlook this strategy. A staggering 88% people who search for a particular business on mobile phone would visit the place in next 24 hours.

Review Marketing

 Incentivizing your customers to leave positive reviews would help you attract more customers towards your business as people tend to trust reviews on a particular site. Almost 88% people trust these online reviews as much as a personal recommendation by someone close to them.

Engaging Customers with AR and VR

AR and VR are booming considerably over past few years therefore having a grip on these tools is integral. By 2018, the virtual reality users are forecasted to reach 171 million. Therefore, it’s a massive opportunity to tap in for your business.

Wallet Payments

People are moving to digital payments from COD due to various delightful discount offers and user-friendly nature. Therefore, integrating a digital wallet of your relevant country would fulfill the needs of your potential customers. 16% people use digital wallet across desktop while 23% purchases on mobile phones use alternate payments methods.

User Generated Content

Initiating conversation from your customers to post about your brand requires uniqueness, humor and relevance. Statistics show that user generated content is 20% more effective in marketing than any other form of media.

Customer Loyalty Program

There are basically five types of customers for an ecommerce business; loyal customers, browsing freaks, researchers, bargain hunters and one-time customers. Converting all the later 4 types into loyal customers who surely purchase from your site is essential to generate maximum revenue. Therefore, do give loyalty points to your customers on every purchase to engage them more with your website.