Why Conversational Commerce is The Future of Online Business

Recently, conversational commerce is making the buzz among people in the field of Ecommerce. Moreover, it may seem like a mysterious concept for some of us. In this article, you will get more information about this new trend, and how it is going to impact Ecommerce in the coming years.

What is conversational commerce?

According to recent statistics, there are more than 2 billion smartphone users in the world. People are becoming increasingly addicted to their smartphones and can’t spend much time without them. That’s why there is a growing interest in conversational commerce. Why am I telling you this? Well, conversational commerce is an approach that puts conversations between brands and their customers at the heart of the online customer journey.

What does the ubiquity challenge imply?

Managing large volumes of conversations can become a very difficult task for brands. Therefore, why bots are becoming another business buzzword alongside conversational commerce. Do you need a proof?

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I am sure you have heard of Facebook’s announcements during the F8 conference. Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Facebook’s bot store. This technology may seem promising but still struggles with some problems: with Poncho, for example. Besides, customer experience won’t get rid of humans anytime soon.

Uber example

While you are reading, I’m sure that everyone one is now thinking about some examples you already know concerning this trend. One example is the integration of Uber on Facebook Messenger. It’s very simple: you can now request an Uber ride directly on Facebook Messenger and get updates from your ride before its arrival.

How does it impact e-commerce?

The equation of an eCommerce website‘s success is pretty simple: number of visitors x conversion rate x average basket value. The easiest way to activate is the first one: number of visitors. But Ecommerce websites are currently converting only 2% of website visitors whereas traditional in-store commerce has an average conversion rate of more than 40%, therefore, we have to work on the other variables of the equation. The idea is that brands must develop a strong brand image and add a human touch to the online customer service they offer. The best way is to start using conversational commerce in your strategy.

Tips to start using conversational commerce efficiently

If someone is thinking that that conversational commerce could be efficient for his/her brand, I would like to advise you to think carefully about your strategy before starting to offer it to your customers. You may ask the following questions: How many people will you be able to support? When will you offer this support? Who will you offer it to?

Adopting conversational commerce in your Ecommerce website will help you increase your revenue, improve your reputation and brand image, and increase customer satisfaction by giving a real human experience similar to traditional in-stores to your customers.

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